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PharmaCODE is the newest customer relationship management (CRM) solution provided by SoftDent for pharmaceutical representative companies. This application was created combining newest technologies and all the experience that we have gathered during nine years developing, supporting and maintaining Customer Profiling and Call Reporting application for our customers from multiple countries all over the world. It was designed especially for pharmaceutical representative companies considering all the work specifics of these organisations.

PharmaCODE application is a convenient and easy-to-use aid for various roles in a pharmaceutical representative company:

    • For Sales Representative it is a convenient tool for managing customer data, performing customer categorisation, activity planning and reporting of the accomplished activities.
    • For Team, Product or Sales Manager application provides various data analysis tools and possibilities to set targets and assign specific tasks for a sales representative.
    • Data Analyst can use miscellaneous data search and analysis tools of the application. Using these tools needed information can be quickly extracted and presented in the appropriate format.
    • For Accountant application provides specific tools for expenses analysis and report generation.
    • Application reporting services provide tools for automatic report generation and delivery on a regular basis to the Head Office.

PharmaCODE application provides the main features of a CRM solution:

    • Data management. Application database contains information of medical representatives’ customers: doctors, medical organizations and pharmacies. Each representative may have lists of his/her target customers: doctors and/or pharmacies. Using application tools representatives can record activity data. Application provides various data fields for information recording as well as creation of custom fields. Powerful data search tools allows quick access of the data.
    • Customer evaluation. Application tools enable evaluation of three main characteristics for each customer (person or organisation): potential, loyalty and satisfaction. This information may be used for target setting – several flexible targeting systems may be applied. Additional time dimension allows analysing changes dynamics of customer characteristics as well as target setting for different time periods.
    • Activity planning. PharmaCODE application has several convenient activity planning tools. Innovative and easy-to-use calendar is a great help for medical representatives in arranging their appointments. Activity planning may be performed with accordance to the set targets and objectives.
    • Data analysis. All the information stored in application database can by analysed in multiple views. Various report generation and data analysis tools provide possibility to dissect different sections of representatives’ work. PharmaCODE reporting services allow easy and quick creation of custom reports and additional tools like automatic report generation and delivery, subscriptions management, creation of drill-down and drill-trough reports and etc. Reports are generated in most commonly used formats: MS Excel, MS Word, PDF and HTML.

The key advantage of PharmaCODE application is the possibility to meet specific requirements of any Customer. Application interface may be adjusted according to specific needs of each user. Many customisation options provide flexibility and possibility to conform business principles of any company. Also we are always ready to perform application modifications and implement additional features according to special request of the Customer.

Depending on the situation PharmaCODE user can use the following operation modes:

  • Online.* Application connects to central database directly.
  • Offline. User can use application offline without any limitations and synchronize the data when internet connection is available.

* – internet connection is required.